Cranbourne Primary School

Where Learning and Friendships Grow

What Do We Do?

The Governing Body has a range of statutory and non-statutory responsibilities which it discharges in an effective and focussed way through working closely with the Headteacher and other staff. 

The Governing Body works together with Mrs Jenkins:

  • in carrying out regular school self evaluation (formerly SEF) to inform school improvement;
  • in  formulating and monitoring the school development plan which focuses on school improvement;
  • to review pupil progress and academic achievement in both formal and informal assessments;                                                          
  • on the management of the school budget;
  • to continually monitor health and safety at school through regular audits;
  • to ensure that required policies are in place and are reviewed regularly;
  • in setting targets for the Headteacher within the school's performance management structure and monitoring progress towards these;
  • in visiting school regularly to monitor and support the work and to monitor provision and help raise standards;
  • to attend special events and assemblies and accompany school trips.