Cranbourne Primary School

Where Learning and Friendships Grow

Meet the Staff

We have a wonderful and talented team of teachers and support staff who help our children learn and develop to their full potential.

Staff Team


Mrs P Jenkins - Headteacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead, MFL, PHSE, E-Safety & PE Lead  

Mrs L Prentice - Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Pupil Premium Lead, Geography Lead, Anti-Bullying


Mrs A Hicks -  SENDCo 

Mrs K Kilmartin - EYFS/Reception Teacher and Maths Lead

Mrs R Donovan (History Lead) & Mrs E Winter (Computing Lead) - Year 1 Teachers 

Mrs C Brown (Art, Design & Technology Lead) and Mrs R Britton  - Year 2 Teachers 

Mrs L Pottinger - Year 3 Teacher & English Lead

Miss E Cocking - Year 4 Teacher 

Mrs C Brown - Year 5 Teacher & Science Lead

Miss L Rack - Year 6 Teacher


Mrs S Dallison - Class Teacher & Music Lead

Our Teaching Assistants and Lunchtime Controllers:
Mrs R Pennycooke, Mrs C Sullivan, Miss N Patton, Miss K Attwell, Mrs T Cooper, Mrs N Heath, Mrs M Shields, Mrs K Edwards, Mrs M Hookings

SEN Learning Assistant and Lunchtime Controller
Miss K Trussell

Mrs S Davies - School Business Manager


Mrs D Gunn & Mrs M Nyamatore - School Secretaries

Mr J Billingham - Site Controller

Mrs S Cadette - Pastoral Support Practitioner


Mr G Wedgbury - Chair of the Governing Body 


Mrs J Hargreaves - Clerk to Governors

The Department for Education requires every school to publish how many staff are paid more than £100,000 per annum. At Cranbourne Primary School no staff earn more than £100,000.