Cranbourne Primary School

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Curriculum Rationale

At Cranbourne Primary School, we are proud to have a knowledge rich and progressive curriculum that is coherently planned to ensure that children’s knowledge and skills build each year in both core and foundation subjects. We have designed our curriculum to harness our children’s curiosity and interest, and develop the skills they need to become independent thinkers and learners. Our chosen topics are heavily influenced by the subjects of History, Geography or Science, enabling the children to learn about and understand the world we live in today and how past events and periods have shaped today’s world.


Throughout our curriculum design, we plan how children will know more, do more and remember more! Children have opportunities to reflect and talk about their learning, demonstrating what they now know that they previously did not know. They have opportunities to build on previous learning and to transfer their skills and knowledge across the curriculum and into future learning.


Within our curriculum, we have included characteristics that we believe are important for our children to gain key life skills, develop their cultural capital and help them to become well-rounded future citizens:

  • Empowering children to ‘Speak Out Stay Safe’
  • Developing a love of reading and the ability to read well
  • Experiencing enrichment activities that make memories and deepen learning
  • Learning about British values - using our locality to provide relevant experiences
  • Embedding our five core values of KindnessRespectTeamworkPerseverance & Creativity


Please refer to the 'Curriculum Offer per Subject' and 'Curriculum Offer per Year Group' tabs to find out more about our curriculum intent and implementation by viewing our subject progression grids, year group curriculum maps and knowledge skills organisers.