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Funds and Charges

Charging and Remissions Policy
Education, materials and equipment are provided free of charge. However, for some activities, a charge will be made; for other activities, a voluntary contribution will be requested.
You can find full details in our Charging and Remissions Policy below.
School Trust Fund
To simplify administration, The Cranbourne School Trust Fund supports a number of extra-curricular activities throughout the school year that would otherwise have to be funded through ad hoc requests for contributions.
These include external curricular visits to the school from people who come in to demonstrate their skills (for example theatre groups and art workshops), extra essential and "luxury" purchases, cookery or gardening, and special equipment that may be outside the direct curriculum.  The Cranbourne School Trust Fund does not cover external school trips, so these will still need to be paid-for as they arise.
You can find more information about The School Trust Fund and how to donate through the link below.
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