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Mrs Paula Jenkins - Headteacher
Start Date 01/09/18   


I became Headteacher at Cranbourne Primary School in September 2018. Over the last twenty five years, I have worked in a number of schools within the borough of Bracknell Forest. Predominantly, my class teaching days were happily spent in Early Years or Key Stage One but I have never been afraid to venture into Key Stage Two either! I have held numerous leaderships roles including Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator; Assessment Lead; Deputy Head Teacher; Acting Head Teacher and Co-Head Teacher.

I love working with children—there is never a dull moment! In all the roles I have held in education, I feel I have always approached them with the children’s best interests at heart and with the belief that I am there to be the children’s advocate.


Mr Graham Wedgbury - Chair of the Governing Body / Co-opted Governor
Start Date - 09/07/15  End Date - 17/07/23

I am Chair of Governors, and have been a governor at Cranbourne for over ten years, taking over the role of Chair over 5 years ago. I am a Senior Account Executive at one of the largest Insurance Brokers in the UK, bringing my commercial experience in risk and how to manage it, to the school, as well being a father to a twelve year old son at a local school. I like to cycle and fish in my spare time and play cricket also. I share the school’s motto, and aim, with the help of my fellow governors and everyone connected with the school, to ensure that the school really is a place where learning and friendships grow.


Mr Michael Dripps - Vice Chair of the Governing Body / Co-opted Governor
Start Date - 18/07/16 End Date - 17/07/24


I was elected as a parent governor in July 2012.  My twin daughters, Gemma and Annie left Year 6 in 2017, my wife Julia and I live close to the school in Winkfield.  I am passionate about ensuring that every child at Cranbourne, whatever ability they may have or support they may need, should have the best opportunity to excel, both academically and in the development of their personality while at school.  In addition to the main governing body,  I also Chair the Curriculum and Standards committee and join other working groups when I can.


Mrs Lara Marsden - Local Authority Governor
Start Date - 25/02/17  End Date - 24/02/21

I joined the Governing Body team in early 2013.  My daughter Harriet, is in Year 5 and Tess in Year 3.  I am a qualified accountant and work locally.  The governing body is supporting Mrs Jenkins and her team in ensuring that all the children receive the best education.  I currently serve on the Governing Body and the Curriculum and Standards Committee and I am the Inclusion Governor with a focus on SEND and the Pupil Premium Grant.


Mr Nick Payne - Co-opted Governor
Start Date - 09/07/15  End Date - 17/07/23

Liesa and I have lived in Ascot since 1998, all of our children Jonty, Emelia and Ben all went on to Charters from Cranbourne. In addition to the main Governing Board, I also sit on the  Pay committee, Performance Management committee and various working groups. I am also the lead governor responsible for finance, and child protection and safeguarding.


Ms Laura Pottinger - Staff Governor
Start Date - 17/10/2021 End Date - 16/10/2025



Mrs Raphinder Jhinger - Parent Governor

Start Date - 01/02/2019 End Date 31/01/2023

I joined as a parent governor in January 2019. My son Aaron is in year 2. I am a qualified solicitor specialising in insurance law and fraud and I work for a London City law firm. I currently serve on the Governing Body and on both committees, the Operations Committee and the Curriculum & Standards Committee. I am also the Health and Safety Governor for the governing body.  I am committed to ensure that each and every pupil is provided with every opportunity to progress and achieve their full potential. I value the importance of education for every child, whatever their ability, and I will work to ensure that the Governing Body continue to keep the standard of education offered at Cranbourne to a high standard for the benefit of all its pupils.





Mrs Louise Petley - Parent Governor

Start Date - 9/12/2021  End Date - 8/12/2025


I joined the governing board in October 2017.  My daughter joined Reception class in September 2018.  I have served as a Co-opted Governor and was recently appointed as Parent Governor.


Mrs Lara Prentice  - Co-opted Governor

Start Date - 9/12/2021  End Date - 8/12/2025

Having served as Staff Governor for one term, the Deputy Head has been appointed to Co-opted Governor in recognition of the vital contribution she makes to Board meetings.