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Cranbourne Primary School admits children between the ages of four and eleven and admits 30 children each year. As a voluntary controlled school, our admissions are managed by Bracknell Forest Council. We have no influence over their decisions and allocation of places. In the first instance please contact Bracknell Forest Admissions. 

Parents requesting a place for their child are welcome to visit the school by prior appointment. Applications for places at schools in Bracknell Forest are centrally managed by the LA and administered each spring for the following academic year. For an application form for your child please contact the School Admissions Team at: 

School Admissions Team
Time Square
Market Street
RG12 1JD 
Tel: 01344 354023 / 354144 Fax: 01344 353258


See the link below to find out more about school admissions within Bracknell Forest.

Children who are accepted for admission to the school are invited to spend an afternoon in their class during the term prior to their starting. If your child is refused admission, you have the right of appeal to an Independent Panel.

Applications for places at this school will be considered by BFC in the following order of priority: 
Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs (or following the 2013 revision of the SEN Code of Practice, an Education and Health Care Plan) that names a specific school must, by law, be admitted to that school. After this requirement has been satisfied the following rules will apply: 
(A) Looked After Children (Any request for the allocation of a place for a child who is in the care of the Local Authority or provided with accommodation in that authority in accordance with The Children's Act 1989). 
(B) Children who live in the designated catchment area of the school. 
(C) Children who have either strong medical or strong social grounds for admission to a particular school. The reason must be fully supported in writing by a relevant professional. The LA’s decision in these matters is final. 
(D) Children who have statutory (compulsory) school age siblings, brother(s) or sister(s), at the school already, and who will still be attending the school at the time of the child’s admission. 
In circumstances where: 
(a) the sibling is an older sibling and is attending the school because he or she was not able to secure a place at his or her designated school; and 
(b) as a consequence is attending the school which is in an adjacent designated area the applicant will be treated as a ‘preferential sibling’ and will be considered before other non-designated area applicants who have siblings at the school. 
(E) Children whose parents choose the school on denominational grounds. At least one parent or guardian must attend, or have significant involvement with a church on a frequent basis. Confirmation from local clergy will be required.
(F) Children whose parents choose any other reason for their choice. In years when category B has been oversubscribed, categories C - E will serve to select children from category B. 

Thereafter radial distance from the school will be considered. 

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